Kate Smith

Production Manager

What do you do?

I manage the delivery of live event environments… everything to make them happen, from planning and budgeting to onsite supervision.

What’s your story

I joined the live events industry 25 years ago by accident and loved it so much I stayed. I’ve worked on a huge range of diverse projects, from small to massive scale, and take great pleasure in that diversity.

What are you most proud of?

Being part of the team which delivered the Opening and Closing ceremonies for the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. There were so many challenges to overcome to deliver all four ceremonies successfully and the amazing teamwork which took place will stay with me for a very long time to come.

Who have you worked for recently?

Winter Olympics, UKTI, IBM

Where did this happen?

Sochi, Milan, Lisbon


What’s your favourite?

Sailing in New Zealand accompanied by three Hector’s Dolphins who swam alongside our boat for some considerable time. It was pure, wondrous magic.

In three words…

“Kate is… Cheerful, Organised, Collaborative.”