Vaughan Roberts

Production Director

What do you do?

I direct technical production, manage the budget, liaise with the logistics team and support the creative team to deliver the ideas.

What’s your story

I’ve always been practical, imaginative and daring. Surprisingly, whilst serving as a Captain in the Royal Engineers, I learned to be creative and resourceful too. I enjoy project work, especially establishing a project well at the beginning, solving problems throughout and watching others enjoy the experience at the end.

What are you most proud of?

Planning and delivering the Coca Cola pavilion at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. This was a complex, cross cultural, global project for the lead event sponsor. Working in Russia was fascinating, challenging and demanding.

Who have you worked for recently?

Coca Cola, Microsoft, Selfridges, Tyco

Where did this happen?

Sochi, Atlanta, London, Monaco.


What’s your favourite?

Taking friends and family out for a spin in my classic car on a sunny day.

In three words…

“Vaughan is… Tenacious, Diligent, Unorthodox.”